Monday, 9 February 2015

GHS Attendance figures – 6th February 2015

Attendance at 6 Feb 2015

Well done to S1 and S6 pupils who, despite all the illnesses and viruses that are going around, have managed to remain in the Amber zone (90-95%).  

It is disappointing to see that 4 of our year groups are now in the Red zone - that is below 90%.  Whilst we understand that youngsters need to remain at home if they are really unwell we would encourage parents/carers to send their youngsters back to school as soon as they are well or, in the case of an intestinal virus, have been clear of symptoms for 48 hours – even if this is just for a Friday morning.  Every hour spent in a classroom makes a difference.

This week all pupils will again be told their percentage attendance rate. They can compare this to the figure they were given at the end of November – hopefully there will have been an increase.  Please ask your youngster about this figure and discuss with him/her the benefits of excellent school attendance.