Monday, 19 January 2015

GHS Attendance figures – December 2014

Code :   Green = 95-100%
 Amber = 90-95%
 Red      = Below 90%

Attend to Achieve:
This is the message that we are trying to instil in our young people - the more often they are here, the more they will learn and the more successful they will be.
School attendance is vitally important and we are trying to encourage all our pupils to be in school as often as possible.  Some are fantastic and are here every day – those who achieved 100% attendance for last term received congratulatory messages in December.

As you will see from the figures displayed 3 of our year groups are currently in the amber zone whilst 3 have dropped into the red.  Our school average is in the amber zone : 90.2%  We are aiming to get all year groups up into the green zone.  These figures are accessible by many people within the city and we want Gracemount to be seen as a school where pupils attend well and achieve at the highest level. 

You can help us to improve attendance by sending your youngster to school as often as possible and by asking him/her about his/her attendance.  Your youngster should be able to tell you what percentage his/her attendance was at when the figures were released at the end of November.  You should also be told what colour zone he/she is in. We are all aiming for green.

The figures will be released again at the end of January and we are hoping for improvements.  S1 look the most likely to go into the green zone.  Hopefully, with your help we can all GO FOR GREEN!