Monday, 14 March 2016

Attendance Update: March 2016

Excellent attendance at school is important at all stages but at crucial stages in their education such as S4-S6 when they are working towards National qualifications it is vitally important that pupils attend school regularly.  It is of great concern to teaching staff that some of their pupils are not in the classrooms on a daily basis.  There is no doubt that the pupils who are attending all lessons are giving themselves a far better chance of being successful now and in the future.

Currently in senior classes teachers are doing their best to prepare pupils for exams and are assisting them to complete courses and gain qualifications.  They cannot do this for those pupils who are not in school.

Once again our school figures show that on average our attendance figures are falling below acceptable levels:

The expectation is that all year groups will have over 95% attendance.      

If your youngster is struggling to attend school for any reason please contact the relevant Pupil Support Leader or Lesley Warner (EWO) on 0131 664 7440.  We will be pleased to support you.